Celebrating 10 Years of Advancing Gender Equity


2020 marks Gender Justice’s 10th anniversary – a major milestone for our organization. We have been reflecting on what we’ve accomplished in a decade and what we’re ultimately fighting for – a world where everyone can thrive regardless of their gender, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. 


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What does it mean, exactly, to thrive? As an organization, it means… 

…coming into our second decade continuing to break gender barriers and bring about BIG change. 
…achieving a world that matches our vision.
…recognizing that we deserve more than just to cope or survive. That we have the power to fight for a world rich in color, vibrancy, fulfillment and equity. 
moving to a place where we are not just fighting back, but where we are pushing forward – in the courts, the Capitol, and the community  – so that every person can thrive.

We know that the arrival of the novel coronavirus has made these dreams harder to realize. How we can people thrive when they’re fighting for their health and their livelihoods? 

The COVID-19 pandemic and uprisings following the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department have shown a light on the systems and structures we depend on. The problems folks are facing now are rooted in the same systemic barriers to equity we were fighting six months, two and even ten years ago.  

As an organization, we are still fighting for our clients and against the policies and barriers that have contributed to this inequality. We are dedicated to rebuilding these broken systems into ones that reflect the world in which we want to live – one in which we all have the opportunity to thrive.

Gender Justice is here and committed to continuing our work for the next decade to come. As societal failures come to light around this pandemic and subsequent economic fallout, we are here for the rebuilding. We’re here ready to fight businesses and administrations dead set on tossing aside our rights in the name of capitalism. 

We’re in it for the long game – for a world where we’re all not just surviving, but THRIVING – and we’d love for you to be by our side. 




Milestones of Progress

Our organization has celebrated some big wins over the years and we continue to grow in the ways we harness strategic impact litigation, legislative advocacy, and education to push the law forward when it comes to gender equality. Check out what we’ve accomplished, together.

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