Recent Updates: only days left for legislative wins, trans equity training, and more

May 14, 2024

We are two days into the final week of Minnesota’s 2024 legislative session, and victory on our key legislative priorities for the year is still ahead of us. In these last days before session ends, we need everyone showing up and staying informed so we can ensure we make the greatest impact possible. Here’s what’s new at Gender Justice, and how you can plug in:

Finishing Strong in the MN Legislative Session

Yesterday, we kicked off the final week of legislative session by showing up to rally outside of the house chamber doors of the State Capitol to demonstrate support for the MN Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). We will be there again tomorrow and would love for you to join us at 10:30 a.m. if you can make it!

These are the last few days and even if you can’t make it tomorrow we will need your help.

Sign up for our rapid response mobilization alerts via text so you can be in the loop on what’s moving, and how to take action as we make our last sprint for the finish line.

ERA Must Include Gender and Reproductive Freedom

Megan Peterson, Executive Director of Gender Justice, authored an opinion piece featured in the Star Tribune last week that advocates for the strongest possible ERA in Minnesota, and explains why it is crucial for the ERA to include explicit protections for gender and reproductive freedom. This piece is paralleled by a multi-million dollar ad campaign from opponents of the ERA.

Help us spread the word by reading and sharing our op-ed on the significance of the ERA here!

Trans Equity Training

Our next Trans Equity Training at Gender Justice is only two days away, and we want to see you there! The training will take place on Thursday, May 16 at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom. Participants will learn how best to talk about issues affecting people who are transgender, find ways to take action to combat the rising tide of violence against trans people, and meet others who are passionate about the fight for trans equity and empowerment. Both trans people and allies are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Read more and sign up here!

Minnesota Women’s Press Favorite Social Justice Org

The results are in for Minnesota Women’s Press 2024 Readers Recommend, and Gender Justice has been voted Minnesota’s top social justice organization, as well as readers’ favorite podcast through the Gender Justice Brief!

Read the list of all of the favorites from the Minnesota Women’s Press 2024 Readers Recommend!

UnRestrict Guide to Getting an Abortion

We all deserve the opportunity to live a safe, healthy, and fulfilling life—and sometimes that can include having an abortion. With the UnRestrict Minnesota Guide to Getting an Abortion, we hope to make this process a little easier and to reduce the stress so that you can focus on you and your safety, care, and comfort.

You can find the guide here, along with links to other resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

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