Gender Justice Statement on 303 Creative v. Elenis Decision

June 30, 2023

Gabbi Pierce, Communications Manager
[email protected]

Saint Paul, Minn.—

Today, LGBTQ+ rights suffered a massive setback at the hands of a rogue United States Supreme Court intent on imposing a conservative-driven chokehold on society.

In its ruling today, the court ruled in favor of 303 Creative, alleging that the First Amendment allows businesses open to the public that use “creativity” or “expression” to turn some people away simply because of who they are. This is a radical and reckless ruling that contradicts decades of settled case law and flouts core American principles.

Our nation decided more than 50 years ago that when a business decides to open its doors to the public, that business should be open to all—a core principle that is at the heart of how we treat one another.

But today, six justices on the Supreme Court have thrown away years of precedent and opened the door for businesses and individuals to discriminate based on their beliefs and opinions. Let’s not forget, this case is based on a lie. The plaintiff “website designer” never actually designed a website or received an inquiry from a real potential customer. This is a manufactured case with the sole intent of producing today’s decision, which undermines our country’s anti-discrimination laws and values.

Nondiscrimination laws exist to ensure that no one is turned away because of who they are. In a country as diverse as ours, these protections are important for everyone. “Our nondiscrimination laws are still on the books, and Gender Justice is using them every day to protect our clients and make change through the law and will continue to do so,” said Jess Braverman, Legal Director.

“We believe this country can do better. We will keep fighting until everyone is able to thrive, regardless of their gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.”


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