Gender Justice is a nonprofit legal and policy advocacy organization devoted to addressing the causes and consequences of gender inequality, both locally and nationally:

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In each program area, we address cognitive bias – the subtle but pervasive ways that stereotypes affect our perceptions, decisions, and preferences – as a root cause of inequality. We counteract the most harmful consequences of inequality by dismantling the gender-based barriers that prevent full participation in our economy and our society.

While we believe gender inequality hurts everyone, we focus on the needs of individuals, such as low-income and immigrant workers, who have traditionally had the least access to justice.


We bring cases that make a point. Our cases clarify what the law actually means in practice, change the interpretation of the law, or raise new and important issues as yet unaddressed by the courts.

We select cases based on their potential either to affect broad populations in similar situations as our clients or to set a powerful legal precedent on a particular issue. We believe in the power of the court to change our legal system and our society. We use the law to help people and to advance our vision of a society free from gender barriers.

In the past, our cases have addressed discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming clients, undocumented immigrants, women in traditionally masculine trades, pregnant workers, low-income tenants, and many more.


Along with our work in the courts, we utilize the legislature to create social change. We lobby for new policies and laws that transform the ways our country addresses gender injustice. By organizing locally and nationally for meaningful reform, we work to change public opinion on gender.

We build partnerships with other organizations that share the goal of breaking down gender barriers. 

We co-lead Minnesotans for Trust, Respect, Access, a campaign to ensure access to reproductive health care for all Minnesotans without harassment, shame, or intimidation. We're also a local partner fighting to protect co-pay free birth control with the Keep Birth Control Copay Free campaign!

We belong to several coalitions including the Minnesota Women's Consortium, The Alliance: State Advocates for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Courts Matter Minnesota, and the Minnesota Coalition for Women’s Economic Security

Our past legislative successes include the Minnesota Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA), which was passed in 2014 to strengthen protections for women and other individuals facing gendered barriers in the workplace.


We are one of five state-based legal non-profits in the country that focus on advancing women’s and LGBT rights.

We are a member of  Courts Matter Minnesota .

We are a member of Courts Matter Minnesota.

We co-lead the MN4Access Campaign.

Share your story about how birth control has helped you.

We are a member of the  Minnesota Women's Consortium .

We are a member of the Minnesota Women's Consortium.

The Equal Pay Today! campaign calls  for action to end the following practices that contribute to the gender wage gap.

The Equal Pay Today! campaign calls for action to end the following practices that contribute to the gender wage gap.


We conduct trainings on gender, cognitive bias, and more for schools, law firms, community groups, nonprofits, and other organizations.

What is cognitive bias? Well, it's how we see the world. And you're probably harboring some cognitive bias right now. Let’s check: Quick! Picture a scientist.

Was he good-looking? It doesn't matter. What matters is you probably pictured a man.

We’ll teach you about your own brain, how to counteract bias in your own thinking, and how to apply a gender lens to your own work.

If you’re interested in booking us for a training, workshop, or speaking engagement, please contact us.



MNCASA presentation on De-Biasing Your Brain featuring Lisa Stratton, Gender Justice co-founder.


Gender Justice's work is supported by the Jewish Women's Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches and the Minnesota State Bar Foundation.