Gender Justice Action

Gender Justice Action works to advance gender equity through meaningful political action.

The obstacles to realizing our goals of gender justice have reached a new order of magnitude. U.S. politics, policymaking, and the judicial system have been infected by extreme right-wing ideology.

With your support, Gender Justice Action is pushing back against the extreme misperception of the anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ movement’s political power. By taking back the narrative, we will show the true strength and power of the majority of Minnesotans who support gender equity.

To affect real change now, we need to mobilize this majority to elect gender equity champions. Through targeted electoral strategies, Gender Justice Action is laying the groundwork to pass proactive policy and expand access to abortion, contraception and LGBTQ+ rights.

In 2022, we helped elect Minnesota’s first ever pro-reproductive freedom state legislature.

In the fall of 2022, our first election cycle, we deployed electoral strategies to elect pro-reproductive freedom champions in 9 state races, including the Attorney General’s race. Thanks to our organizers, canvassers, donors, and supporters, we won all our targeted races in all but two districts!” Read more about what made our efforts so successful.

We are advancing the boldest gender equity agenda in Minnesota history.

Together, we’re showing up for gender equity like never before and sending a strong message that our right to bodily autonomy belongs to us – and not to politicians. Your generosity helps us draft bills, develop talking points, train legislators and advocates, mobilize grassroots support, organize Lobby Day, schedule 1:1 legislator-constituent meetings, and identify and prepare compelling testifiers – including personal storytellers. Your support will help ensure we can continue to show up every day at the legislature – with the strength of millions of Minnesotans behind us – to advocate for gender equity.

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Gender Justice Action is a 501(c)4 political organization. Contributions may be used for political purposes and are not tax deductible.

10 Years of Change

Our organization has celebrated some big wins over the years and we continue to grow in the ways we harness strategic impact litigation, legislative advocacy, and education to push the law forward when it comes to gender equality. Check out what we’ve accomplished, together.