Anderson Update: We’re heading to trial.

Anderson Update: We’re heading to trial.

On Monday, the Aitkin County District Court in Minnesota’s Ninth Judicial District ruled that our lawsuit on behalf of Andrea Anderson can go to trial. 

Gender Justice filed the complaint after not one, but two pharmacies in Andrea’s rural community refused to fill her prescription for emergency contraception, and she was forced to drive100 miles round-trip in near-blizzard conditions just to access her time-sensitive medication.

As we have argued from the start, by refusing to fill her prescription, the pharmacists and pharmacies discriminated against Andrea based on her sex, a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA).

Monday’s ruling denies motions by both pharmacies –  basically, shooting down their argument that a pharmacist’s refusal to sell emergency contraception is not sex discrimination under the MHRA.

By dismissing these motions, our case can go to trial. 

Pharmacists have the same legal and ethical duty as any other health care provider, to help their patients get the care they need. By this standard, Andrea was failed at every turn, and we intend to make sure that no one else has to jump over the same ridiculous hurdles she did.

Whether it’s a hospital, a clinic, or a pharmacy, no Minnesotan seeking medical care should be left out in the cold due to the personal beliefs of their health care providers.


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