Ask a Sexpert! Links and Resources

September is Sexual Health Month! To fully eliminate gender barriers and fight for bodily autonomy, everyone needs access to inclusive, comprehensive information on sexual health.

Ask a Sexpert! Links and Resources

We teamed up with our friends at Family Tree Clinic for a very special livestream called Ask a Sexpert! Our senior staff attorney, Christy Hall, joined Hadija Steen Mills, a community educator at Family Tree to answer anonymously submitted questions about sexual health from clinical, educational, and legal perspectives. 

Watch the livestream here.

During the livestream, we mentioned A TON of resources and further reading and we wanted to compile them in one place for you here. 

Filing name change paperwork

Gender Dysphoria/Gender Dissonance

Disability, sexuality, gender, relationships

Questions about herpes transmission

Trans health care coverage 

Monogamy and consent during COVID 

  • Minnesota Family Planning and STD hotline – 1-800-783-2287
  • Day One Hotline – 1-800-799-7233

Question about volunteering

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