Do you know a #FierceMother changing the world for the better?

Happy Mother's Day, you fierce mother! We're collaborating with Pollen to celebrate some amazing moms making change.

Do you know a #FierceMother changing the world for the better?

Some of the fiercest advocates for gender equity are mothers. They fight for their children. They fight for their families. They fight for themselves. Over the years Gender Justice has had the pleasure of calling a number of amazing mothers our clients.

We’re not the only ones inspired by these mothers – the folks at Pollen Midwest are too. So, we’ve partnered this Mother’s Day to recognize how sometimes being a mom is the greatest inspiration and motivation to fight for a better world. Check out Pollen’s social media pages for vignettes featuring two of our fierce clients:

  • Hannah Edwards, who fought to protect her daughter’s evolving gender identity. With support from Gender Justice, she won a victory not only for her daughter but for all trans and gender nonconforming kids at her school.

  • Rachel Pierce, who after returning to work after the birth of her child, was refused time and space to breast pump from her managers. She called Gender Justice and we brought a case to shine a light on the rights of all working parents.

Several other Gender Justice clients are moms who are fierce advocates – fighting for health care for their transgender children – for the right to work while pregnant – and to have safe and healthy pregnancies on the job.

Join us in celebrating the fierce mothers creating change in the world!

If this reminds you of your mom, we want to know! Share a photo of a mother who inspires you on social media and tell us why she’s amazing, using the hashtag #FierceMother, and we’ll share it out!

Need a last minute Mother’s Day gift for a #FierceMother in your life? Donate to Gender Justice to smash the patriarchy in your mom’s honor.

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