Take Action: Equal Rights for All Minnesotans

Take Action: Equal Rights for All Minnesotans

The Minnesota Legislature is considering one of the strongest Equal Rights Amendments in the U.S., and our state Senators need to hear from you. Help us encourage them to vote YES to put the ERA on the ballot for Minnesotan voters to ratify in the 2026 election.

People’s rights and freedoms are under attack, from state legislatures to the Supreme Court. We need to do everything we can to protect our families, our friends, our fellow Minnesotans — and ourselves.

The ERA would offer everyone the strongest possible protections against discrimination, no matter who holds power in state government.

Right now, neither the Minnesota nor U.S. Constitution specifically guarantees equal protection under the law based on sex and gender. That’s why we all need to take action together, and ensure that our elected representatives do what’s right, and move the ERA closer to the finish line.

Write your legislator today to pass the ERA!

You Can Help.

With your financial support, Gender Justice can continue to fight hard for our clients and push the laws forward in our legislature. Be there with us as we work to bring about big, systemic change. Give today.

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