Gender Justice Supports Minnesota’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

Gender Justice is a proud member of the Minnesotans for Paid Family and Medical Leave Coalition. We enthusiastically support and encourage our legislature to pass H.F. 5 this session to finally make it possible for all Minnesotans to both work and care for their families.

Gender Justice Supports Minnesota’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

Why do we need Paid Family and Medical Leave?

Nationwide, just over one in ten private sector workers have access to paid family and medical leave. While the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) covers a majority of working people, because it is unpaid, many report not taking the leave they need – or returning to work sooner than they would – because they simply can’t afford it.

More than a quarter of all Minnesota workers have no access to paid family or medical leave. The financial impact is enormous – approximately 361,000 working Minnesotans take unpaid FMLA each year, losing out on a combined $839 million in wages as a result – and falls disproportionately on part-time, low-income or retail workers, women and people of color. There is also an emotional toll, as economically vulnerable workers are forced to cobble together enough sick time, holidays, vacation, disability insurance, other paid and unpaid leave to adequately care for themselves and their families.

Now Minnesota is poised to join six other states and the District of Columbia in requiring employers to offer paid family and medical leave (PFML).

To learn more about the proposed program, download the fact sheet here.

Contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to support passage this session.

Show your support for Paid Family and Medical Leave on social media using #PaidLeaveMN and check out the coalition website for more ways to take action.

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