Gender Justice Welcomes Jess Braverman as our new Legal Director

Join us in welcoming Jess Braveman, Gender Justice's new Legal Director starting Monday, May 20, 2019.

“Jess comes to Gender Justice with years of experience rooting out and dismantling discrimination in our legal system,” said Executive Director Megan Peterson. “In her new role, she will steer our team’s litigation strategy, ensuring that it not only brings justice to individual clients but also advances our mission of breaking down barriers to gender equity. We are thrilled to be joined by this fierce advocate for justice.”

Jess has demonstrated her personal and professional commitment to ending discrimination in the law throughout her career, most recently as an attorney with the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office, where she spearheaded the special litigation unit that worked to end racial profiling in policing. Part of her efforts included challenging undercover sting operations that disproportionately targeted communities of color, which brought an end to the practice and the dismissal of dozens of wrongful charges.

“I have dedicated my career to advocating on behalf of individuals who have experienced discrimination in employment, housing and education; who live in fear of deportation; who lack access to appropriate medical care; and who are being mistreated by systems that are supposed to protect them,” said Braverman. “So I am honored to have this opportunity, to build on the important work of Gender Justice and its partners, and to provide high-quality legal representation to clients and communities affected by gender discrimination.”