Support Earned Sick and Safe Time for Workers in St. Paul!

The St. Paul City Council has introduced an important ordinance granting Earned Sick and Safe Time to our community's workers. Gender Justice has contributed significantly to the ordinance and continues to advocate for its passage.

A task force made up of employers, employees, and other members of the community, including Gender Justice co-founder Lisa Stratton, has dedicated countless hours to producing recommendations that represent a very strong compromise of the needs of the multiple groups affected by this progressive policy. 

The next step is ensuring that St. Paul Council Members support this policy. Our city needs a strong earned sick time policy that can guarantee all St. Paul employees the ability to care for themselves and their families without threat to their vital economic security. Caring for yourself appropriately should not cost you your job.

You can help advance your rights by supporting this badly-needed policy. Please contact your city Council Member today at the email address listed below. Ask them to support and to continue to strengthen the Earned Sick and Safe Time ordinance. 

Councilmember Dai Thao, Ward 1 -
Councilmember Rebecca Noecker, Ward 2 -
Councilmember Chris Tolbert, Ward 3 - 
Council Member Russ Stark, Ward 4 - 
Council Member Amanda Brendmoen, Ward 5 - 
Council Member Dan Bostrom, Ward 6 - 
Council Member Jane L. Prince, Ward 7 -

An absence of protective policies like this creates a threat to St. Paul families, in which nearly half of the workers in the city regularly must choose between keeping their jobs and tending their or a family member's well-being. The impact is even greater on women and people of color, and others whose familial roles are as primary caregivers and who are less likely to have jobs with paid sick time. 

Please join us in supporting St. Paul Council Members as they make these critical decisions about your economic security.