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Cruel Attack Targeting Transgender Community Runs Counter to Case Law
The Minnesota federal court issued a ruling in favor of our clients Brittany Tovar and her son, Reid Olson, that will help protect the right to affordable health care for transgender people and others.

Securing Justice for Rae, Paving the Path for Survivors
#BelieveSurvivors is a plea, a demand-and for Gender Justice, a call to action. Most rape survivors’ cases do not make it to trial. For our client Rae Florek, her story has a different ending.

Working Together, We’re Breaking Down Gender Barriers in STEM and Every Field
Gender Justice was thrilled to partner with the Dunwoody College of Technology and YWCA Minneapolis over the summer to introduce nearly 100 middle schoolers to the concept of implicit gender bias.

Charting Our Course for Impact
Gender Justice is embarking on its next chapter! We are inviting friends and supporters like you to participate in a strategic planning conversation with us.

Help Us Raise $6,000 for Gender Equity-We have a $3,000 Match!
Every dollar you give to Gender Justice moves us that much closer to a world in which gender equity is the norm. By giving to the max this November 15, you help to expand opportunities for people of all genders.

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