Lisa C. Stratton: Moms Deserve Equal Pay

Are you at work today? Are you a mom? Did you know that today, the average mom's wages finally hit parity with the average dad's 2016 pay? Ouch.

It's hard to imagine anyone not understanding a mother's worth, but 5 ½ weeks after National Equal Pay Day we mark Equal Pay Day for Moms (vs Dads). 

Working mom and mighty Gender Justice client Lisa Dexter knows the gender wage gap all too well. 

Her legal case is breaking down barriers for pregnant people in the workplace. 

Lisa was fired for being pregnant after she told her boss about her doctor's orders: a 25lb lifting requirement. The requirement wouldn't even have prevented her from doing her job - she only needed to be able to lift 50lbs "with assistance." 

Firing an expectant mother for communicating clearly with her employer is pregnancy discrimination, plain and simple.

You won't stand for it, will you?

Lisa's case is a vital part of our 5-part strategy to close the gender wage gap:

  • Stop Pay Inequality due to Gender Bias & Discrimination. You've heard us talk about cognitive bias, right? Don't worry - we're not stopping! And there's no chance we're about to let up on taking employers who discriminate to court. 
  • Plan for Pregnancy & Caregiving. Parenting responsibilities disproportionately fall on women. That's why Gender Justice recently worked with the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis to pass ordinances requiring Paid Sick & Safe Time. Statewide, we're pushing for Paid Family Leave Insurance. 
  • Address Wage Theft and Inadequate Minimum Wage. 2 in 3 minimum wage earners are women - that's why, at Gender Justice, we proudly support efforts to #RaiseTheWage and stop Wage Theft. 
  • End Wage Secrecy. It's been 3 years now since our Women's Economic Security Coalition partners made it illegal for bosses to retaliate against you for discussing wages in Minnesota. If you haven't already, start talking! 
  • Fight Occupational Segregation. Male-dominated careers (from engineering to trades) are well paid. Meanwhile, female-dominated jobs (from teaching to restaurant work) offer decidedly lower pay. We're working with the Minnesota Tradeswomen to DOUBLE (or triple!) the 6% requirement for female hours on state construction projects. Plus, integrated workplaces fight gender stereotypes! 

Make your mark - for working moms, for Lisa, for equal pay - with a tax-deductible gift to Gender Justice in honor of mothers everywhere

Imagine telling your mother, your sister, your aunt, your friend, your grandmother - your daughter - that you just made an investment in her future. That while today's milestone marks how far we have left to travel, you took a giant step towards the future she deserves today. 

Give now to secure a bright future for Lisa and mothers everywhere. 

Your support will help us win Lisa's case. Thank you so much for your kindness, generosity, and heart for equality. 


Lisa C. Stratton
Gender Justice Co-Founder & Senior Counsel
Equal Pay Today! Steering Committee Member

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