Paving a new path for abortion access in Minnesota

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This morning, Gender Justice, in partnership with the Lawyering Project, has filed a complaint in Minnesota's Second Judicial District on behalf of two healthcare providers and the First Unitarian Society. We are paving a new path forward for abortion access by demanding the removal of a series of retrograde laws enacted by politicians decades ago that undermine Minnesotans' right to decide for themselves whether to continue or end a pregnancy and to access safe, legal healthcare.

"The First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis has a long history of supporting reproductive health, rights and justice. We affirm that Minnesotans should be able to make their own personal health care decisions without shame and stigma - which these laws only make worse. As people of faith and Unitarian Universalists, we know that people who experience abortion and miscarriage need our compassion, trust, and support, and we are on their side.” 

- Rev. Kelli Clement, Social Justice Minister First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

Among the abortion restrictions challenged in this lawsuit are those that:

  • Require doctors to read a script containing irrelevant and widely-disproven statements to patients

  • Prevent trained nurse midwives and nurse practitioners from providing early abortion care

  • Mandate a medically-unnecessary extra appointment and waiting period

  • Mandate that young people notify both parents (with extremely narrow exceptions) before seeking an abortion

The 1995 Doe v. Gomez ruling found that our state constitution protects not only Minnesotans' right to have an abortion, but also the right to decide to have an abortion without government interference or bias.

Over time, however, abortion opponents have succeeded in chipping away at these rights, violating both the spirit and the letter of the law.

The decisions around planning for our families are intimate and radiates through ever facet of our lives – from being able to obtain an education, leave an unhealthy relationship, grow in the workplace, build economic security, and more.

We know too well that women and people who can get pregnant can never be equal in society without having bodily autonomy and the ability to decide if, when, and how to become a parent.

This is a big day for Gender Justice, and for everyone fighting for reproductive rights and justice. As attacks on access to safe, legal, essential reproductive health care sweep through many other states across the country, now is the time to respect our state constitution, respect women and equality, and protect all of our rights and freedoms.

Will you stand with our brave clients and help us pave a new path forward for abortion rights by getting these laws off the books once and for all?

Thank you for your support and solidarity.