Press Release

A Big Win for Trans Health Care Rights

Today we announced a successful resolution of the lawsuit on behalf Reid Olson, to make sure that health care plans cover gender confirming care. Olson’s mother, Brittany Tovar, initiated the lawsuit in 2016 against Essentia Health and its employee health plan administrator, HealthPartners.

The parties reached a settlement in which Essentia and HealthPartners agree to continue to provide and cover appropriate gender confirming health care as established by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Advisory: Charge filed to protect transgender athletes' right to compete

“As a powerlifter and a transgender person, I’m no stranger to a challenge,” says Cooper. “I’ve jumped through all the hoops, trying to meet USA Powerlifting’s arbitrary and subjective standards, just to have them respond with an outright ban on transgender women in competitions. At some point you have to say enough is enough. Sport is a human right. Trans rights are human rights.”

Paving a new path for abortion access in Minnesota

This morning, Gender Justice, in partnership with the Lawyering Project, has filed a complaint in Minnesota's Second Judicial District on behalf of two healthcare providers and the First Unitarian Society. We are paving a new path forward for abortion access by demanding the removal of a series of retrograde laws enacted by politicians decades ago that undermine Minnesotans' right to decide for themselves whether to continue or end a pregnancy and to access to safe, legal care.