Bill updates and unpacking the FDA lawsuits

In this episode, Erin Hart, Megan Peterson, and Jess Braverman discuss the chaos and confusion around medication abortion, FDA lawsuits, and what you can do.

Bill updates and unpacking the FDA lawsuits
The Gender Justice Brief
Bill updates and unpacking the FDA lawsuits

We discuss:

  • The FDA-approved Mifepristone as part of a two-drug regimen for medication abortion in 2000 with unnecessary restrictions, but during the pandemic, the FDA relaxed rules allowing telemedicine access to the medication.
  • After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, ending the federal right to abortion, an anti-abortion group went after medication abortion in a manufactured lawsuit Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine vs. FDA.
  • Chaos and confusion, inhibiting access to medication abortion, is the current goal of the anti-abortion movement and lawmakers. This is impacting reproductive rights, but there are ongoing legal battles and campaigns to support reproductive freedom.
  • Providers are working hard to keep abortion accessible in Minnesota, but removing old laws and passing new protective acts is necessary to provide additional protections for patients and providers.
  • What can you do? Contact your legislators to pass the Reproductive Freedom Codification Act repealing Minnesota’s abortion restrictions and the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act protecting patients and providers.
  • …and donuts.

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