Community Organizing

In this episode Erin Hart welcomes Abena Abraham and Jay Belsito, to discuss the importance of community organizing.

Community Organizing
The Gender Justice Brief
Community Organizing

Abena serves as the Unrestricted Minnesota Campaign Director, while Jay is an organizer at Gender Justice.

This episode emphasizes the significance of direct engagement with Minnesotans and the success of electoral organizing efforts, including strategies like door-knocking and community protests.

The advocacy team’s future plans are also highlighted, including the focus on educating the community about recent legislative developments, taking an intersectional approach to their work, and preparing for upcoming elections.

We encourage listeners to stay informed and engaged by following Gender Justice on social media, signing up for the email list, and reaching out for one-on-one conversations to become actively involved in advocating for positive change.

Overall, the importance of community organizing, regardless of one’s capacity, emphasizes the power of collective action to address pressing issues in society, including transgender rights and reproductive justice.

About The Gender Justice Brief

The Gender Justice Brief is produced by Gunther Michael Jahnl of IQONEQ Communications Solutions and Audra Grigus.

Visit Gender Justice and UnRestrict Minnesota.

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