Landmark legal decision in Cooper v USA Powerlifting

In this episode of The Gender Justice Brief, Erin Hart, Senator Erin Maye Quade, and legal director Jess Braverman return to discuss the groundbreaking case of Cooper versus USA Powerlifting, which has set a precedent for trans inclusion in sports.

Landmark legal decision in Cooper v USA Powerlifting
The Gender Justice Brief
Landmark legal decision in Cooper v USA Powerlifting

JayCee Cooper, Gender Justice’s first client to join the podcast, shares her experience and why she brought the case against USA Powerlifting, highlighting the ongoing attacks against the trans community.

The case sheds light on the importance of transgender inclusion in sports. The podcast delves into how it will help educate people and break down misinformation perpetuated in the media.

With the help of co-counsel Nichols Kaster and Premo Frank, as well as national partners like Athlete Ally and Inclusion Playbook, Gender Justice was able to gain support for trans inclusion in sports and set an example for other states to follow.

This victory emphasizes that trans inclusion is essential for the growth and success of women’s sports.

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