Exposing Fake Clinics: Minnesota’s “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Crisis pregnancy centers, or “CPCs,” are anti-abortion organizations that target pregnant people with predatory, deceptive marketing. Their main function is to attract and intercept Black, brown, Indigenous, and low-income people before they access abortion care.

Exposing Fake Clinics: Minnesota’s “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”
The Gender Justice Brief
Exposing Fake Clinics: Minnesota’s “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Their goal is ideological, not medical: They want to prevent pregnant people from obtaining abortion services using any means necessary, including by using delay tactics, disinformation, and deception. With nearly a hundred CPCs in Minnesota, they outnumber abortion clinics by about 10:1.

This week Special Projects Advisor Erin Maye Quade and Organizer Jay Belsito talk with our guests, Olivia Crull and Carolyn Handke from the grassroots Minnesota Abortion Action Committee, about the harm that CPCs pose to our community. What can be done to expose them, limit their reach, and stop the deception?

If you have been harmed by a CPC, please reach out to Jay Belsito at [email protected].

MNAAC photo credit: Ashley Taylor-Gougé, Minnesota Abortion Action Committee

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Timestamps for this episode:

  • 00:00 Introduction to the Episode
  • 00:09 Meet the Guests: Jay, Caroline, and Olivia
  • 00:15 Understanding Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • 06:07 Jay’s Personal Experience with Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • 08:42 The Deceptive Tactics of Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • 09:05 Tell us your story. Contact [email protected]
  • 10:56 The Impact of Crisis Pregnancy Centers on Communities
  • 24:24 The Need for Real Support and Resources for Pregnant People
  • 28:55 Getting Involved in the Fight Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • 32:41 Final Thoughts and Next Episode on Monday, February 12

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