Pregnancy and Pumping Rights

In this episode, Erin Hart, Allison Glass and Sara Jane Baldwin discuss rights for pregnant employees and for pumping at work.

The Gender Justice Brief
The Gender Justice Brief
Pregnancy and Pumping Rights

They cover:

  • Changes in the Minnesota’s Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA), which include more frequent breaks, seating arrangements, and lifting limits for pregnant employees.
  • A focus on creating safe, private spaces for pumping that are not bathrooms, with access to electrical outlets.
  • The definition of retaliation against employees who assert these rights is more robust in the new legislation.
  • Resources and tools for pregnant and pumping workers to know their rights.

About The Gender Justice Brief

The Gender Justice Brief is produced by Gunther Michael Jahnl of IQONEQ Communications Solutions and Audra Grigus.

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