Reproductive freedom bills moving at the Capitol!

In this episode, Erin Hart, Jessica Nyman, and Abena Abraham discuss the intense start of the Minnesota legislative session.

Reproductive freedom bills moving at the Capitol!
The Gender Justice Brief
Reproductive freedom bills moving at the Capitol!

What is it like being at the Capitol again?

A lot of movement around abortion-related legislation.

The PRO Act, which would establish a statutory right to choose reproductive healthcare options, including abortion, was introduced quickly and is a top priority for legislators.

The bill had its first hearing last week, with strong support from providers and patients and opposition from those who do not support abortion rights.

The PRO Act, which enshrines the right to abortion and other reproductive healthcare, also includes provisions to prevent municipalities from restricting abortion rights and ensures that they provide the basic fundamental right to abortion.

The bill is a top priority for legislators and could be enacted by the end of the month.

HF 91/SF 70, repealing Minnesota’s abortion restrictions, has been introduced and had its first hearing last week in the House.

Many amendments have been proposed by opponents of the bill that are rooted in misinformation and inflammatory language.

The testimony provided at the hearing was interesting but also a shock for the new legislators and staff who have not had the opportunity to listen to arguments against abortion rights.

For more information on the legislation:

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House and Senate schedules:

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