Roe v. Wade’s Reversal: Impact in the Heartland

In this episode, Erin Maye Quade, Gender Justice Special Project Advisor talks with Shayla Walker, Our Justice Executive Director, ShaVunda Brown, Our Justice Communications and Advocacy Director, and Destini Spaeth, Prairie Abortion Fund President.

Roe v. Wade’s Reversal: Impact in the Heartland
The Gender Justice Brief
Roe v. Wade’s Reversal: Impact in the Heartland

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Timestamps for this episode:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Guest Introductions
  • 01:14 The Importance of Abortion Funds
  • 01:38 The Impact of Abortion Restrictions
  • 02:48 Understanding Abortion Funds and Their Work
  • 04:41 The Challenges of Providing Abortion Care
  • 07:44 The Role of Birth Control in Abortion Care
  • 10:23 The Struggles of Abortion Access in Different States
  • 14:08 The Importance of Supporting Abortion Funds
  • 19:20 The Threat to Abortion Access in Minnesota
  • 22:48 The Impact of Abortion Laws on Pregnant People
  • 33:20 The Need for Investment in Abortion Care Infrastructure
  • 38:40 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

About The Gender Justice Brief

The Gender Justice Brief is produced by Gunther Michael Jahnl of IQONEQ Communications Solutions and Audra Grigus.

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