The Trans Refuge Bill

In this episode, Erin Hart, MN Representative Leigh Finke, and Kat Rohn discuss the Trans Refuge Bill advancing at the Minnesota legislature.

The Trans Refuge Bill
The Gender Justice Brief
The Trans Refuge Bill

Anti-LGBTQ+ states like South Dakota are blocking necessary gender-affirming care for minors, denying them the support they need to thrive.

The proposed Trans Refuge Bill in Minnesota is a crucial piece of legislation for the trans community, protecting their rights and making space for them to thrive.

Trans and gender-expansive people are fighting for their rights in the political sphere, testifying in hearings and speaking out in support of the bill.

Representative Finke, the bill’s author, is building a testifiers bank to ensure that experts are present to clarify the bill’s intentions and goals.

Personal stories of trans and gender-expansive individuals are a powerful tool in gaining support for the bill, and community involvement is critical for its success.

Non-right-wing media must highlight this important legislation, as only a few states have passed similar bills into law.

Contacting legislators and community engagement are key to getting the Trans Refuge Bill passed and protecting the reproductive rights of transgender youth.

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