The Road to UnRestricting Minnesota

Join Erin Hart and Megan Peterson in this conversation about the history of Gender Justice and the landmark legal victories of the past years.

The Road to UnRestricting Minnesota
The Gender Justice Brief
The Road to UnRestricting Minnesota

The Coalition’s Early Days: Follow Megan Peterson’s journey as she uncovers gaps in abortion coverage for low-income individuals and the formation of a coalition in Minnesota to advance reproductive justice.

Landmark Decision and Ongoing Challenges: Explore the 1995 Minnesota Supreme Court decision establishing the right to abortion and the continued battle for comprehensive abortion coverage, particularly for Medicaid enrollees.

The Lawyering Project’s Approach: Learn about The Lawyering Project’s innovative strategy of collectively challenging multiple abortion restrictions as a unified system, recognizing the interconnected barriers they create.

Revealing Public Opinion: The surprising findings from public opinion research, exposing the lack of awareness among Minnesotans about existing abortion laws and the need to reshape the narrative.

Unrestrict Minnesota Campaign: The birth of a powerful campaign focused on raising awareness, mobilizing support, and advocating for the repeal of abortion restrictions in Minnesota.

About The Gender Justice Brief

The Gender Justice Brief is produced by Gunther Michael Jahnl of IQONEQ Communications Solutions and Audra Grigus.

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