Poll: Majority of Minnesotans support safe, legal abortion access

In a recent poll conducted by Perry Undem, we found that the overwhelming majority of Minnesotans support safe, legal abortion access. While Minnesota has plenty of anti-abortion laws on the books, we also found that over 90% of Minnesotans could not name a single abortion restriction. Gender Justice is part of a state-wide coalition to repeal these restrictions and educate Minnesotans on the laws that stand in the way of our right to safe, legal abortions.

70% agree with the Minnesota Supreme Court’s ruling that “the government may not put its thumb on the scale in favor of one pregnancy outcome (carrying a pregnancy to term) over another (abortion).”

Three-quarters (78%) agree with the statement: “I don’t want one group’s religious beliefs on abortion swaying the rights and health care for everyone.”

Majorities say “the woman” (64%) and “the doctor” (61%) should decide what procedures or care are used for abortion – ten times the proportion saying state lawmakers (6%)


Minnesotans have made it clear: the decisions about when, how, and if to start a family belong to patients and their doctors – not anti-choice politicians.


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