Trans Students – Know your Rights at School

Trans Students have existed and will continue to exist forever. So how can we ensure that school remains a safe, welcoming, and learning-oriented space for them? By following the law and continuing to uplift these young individuals.

If you need support in communicating your or your loved ones rights at school, we also have self advocacy letters below that can be customized to best meet your needs.

Every student deserves to be protected from violence and harassment, regardless of their gender.

Print this poster off and hang it up in your classroom, home, and anywhere else to show support for the trans youth in your life.

Resources & Advocacy Tools

Milestones of Progress

Our organization has celebrated some big wins over the years and we continue to grow in the ways we harness strategic impact litigation, legislative advocacy, and education to push the law forward when it comes to gender equality. Check out what we’ve accomplished, together.