U.S. House Candidate Rick Becker’s Online Dehumanization of Trans Woman Condemned by Coalition

May 23, 2024

Noah Parrish, Communications Director
[email protected]

Bismarck, ND—

Earlier this week, U.S. House Candidate Rick Becker posted a vile tweet featuring a Cameo video unwittingly made by Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender actress, comedian, and social media personality who was misled and baited into the campaign stunt.

Gender Justice, Prairie Action ND, and the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition strongly condemn Becker’s appalling stunt and urge all North Dakotans to reject political dehumanization campaigns targeted at anyone, including our transgender friends and neighbors who have been the focus of a surge of recent legislative attacks both in North Dakota and nationwide.

Christina Sambor, North Dakota State Director at Gender Justice said:
“It’s appalling that Rick Becker thinks that senseless online bullying and dehumanization of trans people is a path to victory. Hate is not a North Dakotan value. What Becker did only shows how out of sync he is with the vast majority of North Dakotans.”

Barry Nelson, interim Executive Director at the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition said:
“The many responses to the tweet are predictably full of offensive and dehumanizing language, aimed in no small part at Mulvaney. The entire stunt reeked of the type of juvenile online bullying that has no place in a middle school, much less as a publicity stunt by someone seeking election to a national office.”

Amy Jacobson, Executive Director at Prairie Action North Dakota said:
“It is deeply disappointing to witness a politician go out of their way to use a transgender person as a political stunt, even intentionally misgendering them in the process. Such actions are not only insensitive but also profoundly damaging to individuals who are transgender. By exploiting someone’s identity for political gain, this politician not only undermines the dignity and humanity of transgender individuals but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes and fuels discrimination.”


Gender Justice is a legal and policy advocacy organization dedicated to advancing gender equity through the law. Our vision is for a world where people of all genders, gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations have the opportunity to thrive. We work towards our vision through impact litigation, advocacy, movement building, and public education.

North Dakota Human Rights Coalition is a statewide, membership-based organization established to increase the visibility of human rights needs and violations and to change laws and attitudes that stand as barriers to residents within North Dakota who do not currently enjoy their full rights.

Prairie Action ND is a rapid-response communications and digital advocacy organization promoting progressive values, messages and actions. While campaigns come and go, we’re the permanent home for progressive media and action in North Dakota.

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