Statement on anti-trans remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference

March 6, 2023

This past weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a speaker called for “transgenderism [sic] [to] be eradicated from public life entirely.”

At Gender Justice, we know that hateful rhetoric such as this plants the seeds for discrimination and harm toward transgender people, including anti-trans legislation proliferating across the country, sports bans on trans athletes like our client, JayCee Cooper, the abuse of trans inmates like our client, Christina Lusk, and violence against trans people.

We also know that all of these attacks are driven by the same motive: to systematically deny trans people fundamental human rights, including the right to participate fully in our society. The CPAC speaker who wishes to erase trans people from public life, while ascribing to them an ideology or “ism” just for being who they are, was simply saying the quiet part out loud.

Gender Justice condemns this statement, as we condemn all attempts to dehumanize, isolate, other, and harm trans people. And we will not stop fighting for a community and world where trans people can participate fully, authentically and proudly—free from hateful rhetoric, discrimination, and violence.

This is the moment to act

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