Now they’re trying to criminalize trans kids

The hatred and dehumanization of transgender kids reached a new low in Minnesota yesterday with the introduction of HF1657, which not only bans transgender girls from participating in girls sports but actually imposes a criminal penalty. ON CHILDREN.

Now they’re trying to criminalize trans kids

Yes, you read that right. HF 1657 threatens children with arrest and juvenile detention for using the school locker room or playing sports.

Trans girls are girls and trans girls belong on girls’ sports teams. 

We reject any language that attempts to paint girls as boys, or – we really have to say this? – criminalize them for who they are. What’s more, in a lawsuit brought by Gender Justice, the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently held that it violates the Minnesota Constitution for schools to segregate transgender students from their classmates and force them to use locker rooms and bathrooms based on their sex assigned at birth. Our constitution ensures that transphobic and discriminatory policies like HF 1657 have no place in Minnesota schools. 


These are children and they deserve better than to be misgendered and targeted for dehumanization and cruelty by legislators. ENOUGH.

Transgender children are brave, beautiful, and deserve our wholehearted support and recognition of their humanity. We will not stand for this disgusting attempt to criminalize, stigmatize, and bully trans children at school.


Jess Braverman

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