Thank Gov Walz and Lt. Gov Flanagan for protecting LGBTQ equity and reproductive freedom!

Thank Gov Walz and Lt. Gov Flanagan for protecting LGBTQ equity and reproductive freedom!

Thank you for enacting policies to protect reproductive freedom and LGBTQ equity!

As a Minnesotan, I want to thank Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, for making this historic legislative session possible.

Thank you for your leadership and for working with Minnesotans around the state to advance progressive ideals and address the needs of so many communities.

With a steadfast commitment to ensuring the well-being and bodily autonomy of its residents, Minnesota has taken bold steps to dismantle obstacles to abortion care and protect providers from extreme laws. By prioritizing the removal of barriers, Minnesota has paved the way for pregnant people to access comprehensive care and make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

When you signed pro-LGBTQ legislation into law, you helped demonstrate what it looks like to support and work with communities to enact equity and inclusion. This sets our state apart from all of the states whose elected officials are fear-mongering and enacting discrimination against trans and LGBQ people.

It is crucial that we build upon the foundation you have laid and continue to push for policies that uplift and empower all of us. We must remain committed to creating an inclusive and equitable Minnesota where no one is left behind. I am excited about how Minnesota can continue to be a North Star by advancing bold proactive policies to enact gender justice, secure bodily autonomy, and pass policies to make the changes we need to ensure that all Minnesotans can thrive.

We know that there are still barriers to access for many folks in our community, we look forward to working in partnership with your administration and legislative leaders to continue the work of making Minnesota a place of inclusion and hope for all.


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