The City of St. Paul wants to hear from you!

The St. Paul City Council would like to hear your opinions regarding sick and safe time by July 8th.

The St. Paul City Council would like to hear your opinions regarding sick and safe time by July 8th. By clicking here and expressing your support for more paid sick and safe time, you could help make the workplace safer for thousands of your neighbors!

Recent studies from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research have found that 42% of workers in St. Paul lack paid sick time, with the bulk of those being low-income and part-time workers. This sad statistic highlights the reality of the 72,000 workers from St. Paul who are not able to stay home to take care of themselves- or their children- if an emergency arises.

At Gender Justice, we believe in equality, so we cannot let this problem continue in our backyard. Our cofounder, Lisa Stratton, has been serving on the St. Paul Earned Sick and Safe Time Task Force since its inception. The ESST Task Force has recently released their list of recommendations, which we believe will benefit the greater St. Paul community. We invite you to check out the recommendations for yourself, but here is a summary of the statement released by Earned Sick and Safe Time Task Force:

  • All workers in the City of St. Paul should be able to address the health and personal needs of themselves and the members of their family through accruing more sick and safe time hours
  • Extending the coverage of the types of employees who receive sick and safe time promotes the economic security and stability of workers and their families
  • Safeguarding workers from facing disciplinary action or losing their jobs as a result of illness promotes the overall wellness of St. Paul residents by reducing the risk and spread of contagion in the workplace

Providing more sick and safe time hours will create a more inclusive future and prevent employees from having to make difficult decisions.

Again, the city needs to hear from you! Please complete this survey to send the message that St. Paul residents support equality for all through paid sick and safe time!

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