A victory against sexual harassment

A Becker County District Court jury found in favor of Gender Justice client Margaret “Molly” Campbell, agreeing that her former employer Honor The Earth not only failed to take “prompt and appropriate corrective action” against sexual harassment and abuse within the organization, but also retaliated against her for reporting the harassment and abuse.

The 2019 complaint filed by Gender Justice describes ongoing sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior toward Campbell by then-coworker Michael Dahl, as well as community concerns brought to Campbell’s attention regarding Dahl’s inappropriate behavior towards minors. Campbell made repeated efforts to bring the harassment and community concerns to Honor the Earth’s leadership, but the organization chose not only to disregard her, but also to retaliate against her for bringing the issues to their attention. Campbell brought a complaint against Honor the Earth for sexual harassment and retaliation, and on every count the jury sided with Campbell, awarding a total of $750,000 in damages.