Going to Trial for Emergency Contraception

Gender Justice and co-counsel Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP’s lawsuit on behalf of Andrea Anderson against Thrifty White and CVS pharmacies went to trial in August 2022. Ms. Anderson sought to fill a prescription for emergency contraception in 2019 at both McGregor Pharmacy (formerly Thrifty White) and CVS, but was denied her medication on the basis of the pharmacists’ religious beliefs. As a result, she was forced to drive with her young child for hours through a snowstorm to find a pharmacy that would provide her with the medication. At trial, the jury concluded that the pharmacies did not discriminate against Ms. Anderson under the law, though the jury also found that the pharmacist-in-chief caused Ms. Anderson emotional harm, imposing damages of $25,000.

Gender Justice filed an appeal with the Minnesota Court of Appeals to ensure Minnesota patients can access the health care they need without the interference of providers prioritizing their personal beliefs over the needs of their patients.