Trans Day of Remembrance

November 20, 2023

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, a day for honoring those whose lives have been lost to transphobic violence in the plight of attacks and systemic oppression that the trans community faces on a daily basis.

In 2023, 438 trans people lost their lives as part of this onslaught against trans personhood. Each of these individual lives were lives beautiful and deep, deserving of love, joy, and celebration, that were instead violently taken from the world. The time for justice is long overdue.

Please join us in remembering them, and working to ensure that the fight for trans liberation grows stronger day by day through a growing commitment from all of us to defend our trans neighbors and loved ones.

You can read The National Center for Transgender Equality’s 2023 Remembrance Report here to honor the memory of those we’ve lost.

In addition to reading the report, we encourage you to attend an event this evening to show your support for the trans community. Our friends at TIGERRS – a collective dedicated to building solidarity and safety amongst trans Minnesotans – compiled a list of vigils and other events that you can attend. Check it out below, or join a virtual live streamed event here.

TDOR Observances in Minneapolis and St. Paul

We have been facing year after year of consecutive record breaking amounts of attacks on trans humanity, and it is long past time for us to say enough is enough. It is time for historic and sweeping action for trans liberation. It is time for trans people to be given the rights, dignity, and respect, they deserve.

We can win a world where no one has to live in fear, or be treated as less than human, because of who they are. Together, we can turn the tides once and for all, but it will take all of us. We are glad to have you with us in the fight to make a better world real.

In solidarity,
Gabbi Pierce
Communications Manager