“We are human”

“We are human”

Young people. 

If you ever want a reminder that things will be OK, just connect with a young person. 



Recently, our Advocacy Director Erin Maye Quade received this letter from a fiery young Minnesotan who has some strong feelings about the current legislative attacks on them and their peers. We’ll be sharing it with their lawmakers, but we also wanted to share it with you because, well… just read for yourself. 

To whom it may concern, 

This law you wish to pass so trans kids are banned from sports is wrong. I am gender fluid, non-binary, and pansexual. Why ban me and my transgender best friend, from sports? What did we do to you? We are HUMAN, just like  you. We just decided to be ourselves. We are we, and you are you. This effects everyone, not only LGBTQ+ folks. You need to realize we are people, we will take over this world after you, we have our own feelings, and we are taking action. This will not stand. We are your young, and we. are. us. Do not pass this insulting, terrible, absolutely horrible bill. 

-An angry LGBTQ+ middle schooler and friends


This letter fills us with so much hope for the future and is giving us the energy and motivation to keep fighting against these unconstitutional laws targeting Minnesota kids. 

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To quote this middle schooler and friends: We are us, and we will not give up. 

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