We are Minnesotans uniting for reproductive freedom.

Abortion justice is social justice!

2021 is already the worst year for abortion access in a decade, and Minnesota is an “island” of abortion access.

Should Roe v. Wade be weakened or overturned, Minnesota would be the only state in the upper Midwest where it is legal to access abortion care. But anti-abortion politicians in Minnesota have passed laws that make it difficult – and sometimes impossible – for many people in marginalized communities to access abortion care in our state. 

That’s why Gender Justice is part of UnRestrict Minnesota, a campaign to remove unconstitutional abortion restrictions in Minnesota. 

UnRestrict Minnesota marks a turning point in the reproductive freedom movement’s history as the largest coalition ever working together to advance abortion access in the state. The coalition includes groups who haven’t historically been involved in working on abortion rights and we’re on a quest to revitalize, diversity, and expand the movement to create reproductive justice and freedom in Minnesota – starting with repealing our outdated and unnecessary abortion restrictions. 

By donating to Gender Justice and our partners in the UnRestrict Minnesota coalition, you’ll become a critical part of the reproductive freedom movement in Minnesota. Regardless of what the Supreme Court decides or how many abortion bans are proposed by extremist politicians, we will keep working together to do the difficult on-the-ground work to make sure people can access the care they need. 

Together, we’ll put your gift to work right away to: 

  • Change the narrative and remove the stigma around abortion access in our state. 
  • Support individuals who need help accessing an abortion to get the care they need. 
  • Mobilize a critical mass of reproductive freedom supporters at the State Capitol and pressure elected officials to protect and expand access to our abortion care in our state. 

This is a critical time for the reproductive freedom movement, and your support will make a big difference. Thank you for considering a gift to Gender Justice and our partners in the UnRestrict Minnesota coalition. 

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