Ali v. Sun Country: Justice for a Nursing Mom

In this Zoom-Live briefing, the Gender Justice legal team discuss the importance of protections for breastfeeding, nursing, and pumping moms in the workplace. In particular, we highlight the experiences faced by Hani Ali, a mother who faced discrimination and intimidation at Sun Country Airlines due to her need to pump milk at work.

Ali v. Sun Country: Justice for a Nursing Mom
The Gender Justice Brief
Ali v. Sun Country: Justice for a Nursing Mom

This year, Gender Justice helped secure increased protections for pregnant and pumping employees in Minnesota! But many people don’t know what their protections are at work. We want to ensure that all Minnesotans get the pregnancy and pumping accommodations they need.

Gender Justice created a set of new resources that highlight rights of pregnant and pumping Minnesotans and provide resources available for those experiencing discrimination that includes:

  • Know your Rights Info Sheets
  • Self-advocacy letters to customize and send to an employer when requesting accommodations
  • A privacy door hanger for pumping spaces

For more information, please visit:

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The final episode of 2023, will be the “Mailbag,” an episode where we open the floor:

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Timestamps for this episode:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Personal Experiences
  • 00:06 The Struggles of Pumping at Work
  • 02:27 Introduction of the Legal Team
  • 02:47 Discussion on the Ali vs Flying Country Airline Case
  • 04:09 Understanding the Women’s Economic Security Act
  • 08:31 The Minnesota Human Rights Act
  • 14:14 The Importance of Breastfeeding and Challenges Faced
  • 16:02 Details of the Case Against Sun Country Airlines
  • 27:10 The Importance of the Case and the Challenges Faced
  • 41:11 Conclusion and Call to Action

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