Minnesota School Board Elections: What’s at Stake?

This episode, hosted by Erin Maye Quade, features a discussion with Denise Specht from Education Minnesota, Beth Gendler from Jewish Community Action, Monica Meyer from Gender Justice, and Chris Williams from Education Minnesota.

The Gender Justice Brief
The Gender Justice Brief
Minnesota School Board Elections: What’s at Stake?

The conversation revolves around school board elections, which have notoriously low turnout. The panel discusses the role of school boards in hiring educators, setting policies, and approving curricula, and highlights the direct impact these decisions have on students and teachers.

The discussion also touches upon the national movements aiming to restrict educational freedoms, particularly concerning honest historical education and the affirmation of diverse identities.

Denise Specht sheds light on the need for students and staff to feel safe and authentic in schools, advocating for the freedom to learn and teach truthfully.

Monica Meyer elaborates on the organized efforts to discriminate and restrict educational content, particularly targeting LGBTQ+ students and the teaching of America’s history of racism and slavery.

Beth Gendler addresses the underlying white Christian nationalist agenda driving these efforts, aiming to reshape the nation starting with grassroots influence on children’s education. Beth urges parents to educate themselves about school board candidates, emphasizing the importance of voting in these elections.

Chris Williams provides a historical context to the current situation, tracing it back to strategic campaigns by influential think tanks. He highlights the deliberate misinformation and manipulation tactics used to promote discriminatory agendas, stressing the need for community engagement and critical evaluation of candidates and their endorsements.

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