Virtual Briefing: Protecting Transgender Kids in North Dakota

In this episode, Erin Maye Quade is joined by Christina Sambor and Brittany Stewart.

Virtual Briefing: Protecting Transgender Kids in North Dakota
The Gender Justice Brief
Virtual Briefing: Protecting Transgender Kids in North Dakota

The discussion centers on Gender Justice’s expanded work into North Dakota and South Dakota, a region often used as testing grounds for right-wing movements.

Gender Justice is challenging discriminatory laws, promoting LGBTQ rights, and reproductive rights, and bolstering legal capacity.

Christina Sambor gives an in-depth overview of North Dakota’s current gender justice landscape. Notably, the state’s recent legislation targeting transgender rights has sparked significant concern. Bills such as HB 1254 prohibit gender-affirming care for minors, restricting treatments such as puberty blockers and potentially subjecting medical professionals to legal consequences.

Brittany Stewart underscores this legislative push against trans rights as a façade of child protection, rooted in deep-seated bias against the trans community.

Learn more about how we are protecting access to health care for transgender and nonbinary youth in North Dakota here.

About The Gender Justice Brief

The Gender Justice Brief is produced by Gunther Michael Jahnl of IQONEQ Communications Solutions and Audra Grigus.

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