Strategic & Impact Litigation

Strategic & Impact Litigation

We bring cases that push the law forward. Our cases clarify what the law actually means to everyday people, change the interpretation of the law, or raise new and important issues as yet unaddressed by the courts.

We select cases based on their potential either to affect broad populations in similar situations as our clients or to set a powerful legal precedent on a particular issue. We believe in the power of the court to change not only our legal system but our society as a whole, and use the law to improve the lives of individuals and to advance a vision of a society free from gender barriers.

In the past, our cases have addressed discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming clients, undocumented immigrants, women in traditionally male-dominated trades, pregnant workers, low-income tenants and more.

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Milestones of Progress

Our organization has celebrated some big wins over the years and we continue to grow in the ways we harness strategic impact litigation, legislative advocacy, and education to push the law forward when it comes to gender equality. Check out what we’ve accomplished, together.