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In February, Gender Justice, along with co-counsel Nichols Kaster and Premo Frank, announced a huge win for transgender rights in sports after receiving a favorable summary judgment ruling in Cooper vs. USA Powerlifting. Counsel filed a complaint in Ramsey County District Court against USA Powerlifting in 2021 for discriminating against JayCee Cooper, a trans athlete, who was denied entry into competitions hosted by USA Powerlifting (USAPL) because she is a trans woman. USAPL then instituted a policy banning all trans women from participating in its women’s powerlifting competitions. The judge ruled in our client’s favor, finding that USA Powerlifting discriminated against her.

Join us in thanking and celebrating JayCee! We will send her all of the notes that we receive.

Milestones of Progress

Our organization has celebrated some big wins over the years and we continue to grow in the ways we harness strategic impact litigation, legislative advocacy, and education to push the law forward when it comes to gender equality. Check out what we’ve accomplished, together.

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