Amicus Work

Amicus Work

Amicus briefs come from the Latin phrase amicus curiae, which translates to friend of the court. Amicus briefs are legal documents filed in the court by non-litigants with a strong interest in a given case. The briefs include additional information and compelling stories that the court might consider when making a decision, and it helps demonstrate broader community support for either side. 

How We Make Change

At Gender Justice, we take on high-profile impact litigation that highlights gender inequities in law and policy that we seek to change. Having community support for the cases we take on helps us make our case and shows people who may not necessarily be involved in court cases why the issue is important. 

We get amicus briefs from all kinds of individuals, law firms, and community organizations who support our work to advance gender equity. Most recently, we had over 15 organizations file amicus briefs in support of our client, N.H., a trans student who experienced harassment and discrimination in his school. Lawyers with trans children, civil rights groups, and local LGBTQ organizations all wrote in support of his claim that his rights were violated under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. 

Additionally, our lawyers often offer their own legal expertise and write amicus briefs for other cases where our gender lens is relevant to the issue at hand. Our lawyers are experts in a range of gender-related issues, including trans health care, workplace discrimination, and Title IX regulations. We use our expert legal analysis to shed a light on the ways a particular case relates to broader legal questions of gender and the legal battles for gender equity.

Additionally, amicus briefs help us continue our work to build solidarity across organizations and community members for the work that we do to apply a gender lens to Minnesota law and policy. We can’t do the work we do without the advice and collaboration of supporters who believe in closing the gaps in the law that push out marginalized people. Stay up to date with our legal work to be informed on the amicus briefs we write, sign onto, and receive for our high-profile cases. 

Read our Amicus Briefs:


Nicole LaPoint v. Family Orthodontics, P.A.

Meagan Abel v. Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina Health System, and St. Mary’s University Minnesota

8 Organizations and Individuals filed amicus briefs in support of N.H. and MN Department of Human Rights v. Anoka-Hennepin School District

Whitney Hinrichs-Cady v. hennepin County

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