Our Work

We work to create a world where everyone can thrive no matter their gender, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. Central to this work is dismantling the legal, political, and structural barriers to gender equity. Click here to reset the page.

At Work

The average American spends a third of their time at work. What happens to us on the job has an enormous effect on the rest of our lives. Employment laws can determine whether we are paid fairly, treated with dignity by our bosses, have equal opportunities to succeed - and what actions we can take if we’re not. Gender Justice uses our tools to strengthen protections under state laws like the Minnesota Human Rights Act, usher in important legislation like the Women’s Economic Security Act, advocate for laws that protect dignity in the workplace, and educate Minnesotans across the state about their rights in the workplace.

10 Years

For 10 years, Gender Justice has worked to dismantle barriers and advance gender equity. For 10 years, Gender Justice has fought to push the law forward through our work in the courts, the legislature, and the community. See what we have accomplished so far.