Our Work

We work to create a world where everyone can thrive no matter their gender, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. Central to this work is dismantling the legal, political, and structural barriers to gender equity. Click here to reset the page.

In School

Minnesotans have a constitutional right to education and equal protection under the law. Additionally, the Minnesota Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in education. That means every student has a right to be treated fairly, and to learn in a safe and supportive environment, regardless of gender, gender expression or identity, or sexual orientation. Gender Justice is committed to ensuring that schools understand and take seriously their responsibility to treat the students in their care with respect, dignity and compassion.

10 Years

For 10 years, Gender Justice has worked to dismantle barriers and advance gender equity. For 10 years, Gender Justice has fought to push the law forward through our work in the courts, the legislature, and the community. See what we have accomplished so far.