Medication Abortion Lawsuits Update

In this episode of The Gender Justice Brief podcast, Erin Hart, Communications Director at Gender Justice, hosts a discussion with Jess Braverman, Legal Director at Gender Justice, and Minnesota State Senator Erin Maye Quade, Special Projects Advisor. This episode focuses on the complex topic of FDA medication abortion lawsuits and their potential impact on reproductive rights.

Medication Abortion Lawsuits Update
The Gender Justice Brief
Medication Abortion Lawsuits Update

Senator Maye Quade delved into the importance of mifepristone, a key component in medication abortion alongside misoprostol, emphasizing their combined efficacy, with mifepristone boasting a remarkable 99.6% success rate for safe pregnancy termination.

Jess Braverman navigated the intricate FDA timeline related to mifepristone, dating back to its approval in 2000, which sparked legal battles over the years.

Recent pivotal rulings in April 2023 emerged from Texas and Washington, stirring controversy regarding mifepristone’s accessibility. Notably, the Supreme Court temporarily intervened, pausing any regulatory changes during the ongoing legal saga.

The conversation dissected the August ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court, which pertained to doctors’ “standing” in the case and its potential impact on mifepristone’s availability. Ultimately, the legal battle carries far-reaching implications on reproductive rights, extending beyond Minnesota’s borders.

Erin also addressed the peculiar claim that doctors suffer an “aesthetic injury” when patients opt for abortions.

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